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Thingal Products

Thingal is an initiative started in 2011 at Peramangalam in Thrissur district of Kerala. We started small, and now have many products. Thingal Curd, Thingal Sambharam, Thingal Curd Chili and other spices & groceries. Initially, Thingal Sambharam was the only product the company had. Thingal curd chili started 2 years ago. Now the Thingal Curd Chili has become a best selling product.

The distinct and natural taste of Thingal products sets Thingal apart from other products.

Another specialty of Thingal products is that they are made locally without adding any chemicals. We always take care to provide 100% quality assurance to our customers. It is unique to us that if you don’t like the Thingal products we collect and produce from the pure local milk, you get your money back. That is the guarantee we give in terms of the quality of our products.